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Entry #3

Some Guy Talking

2010-11-24 20:06:30 by drspizzah21

Why is it that I always put these up while I'm at school? Oh well,
SO, I put up a few drawings the other day; raichu being adorable, mareep sleeping peacefully , aaaand zoey stalking ellis during 'the passing'. I have a problem with them...heh
Also put up a video on youtube of me playing as a hunter on the no mercy level...and CLIMBING TO THE HEAVENS. Till Louis kills me anyway.

Need to get back into drawing. Gonna work on the next comic, then do cast photos for all 3 super smash bros games. It'll take a while but it'll be awesome!

Also, I actually played a video game system that wasn't a PS3 the other day. I know, crazy!
It was my beloved gamecube, I played a couple cups on Double Dash!! Mirror mode and unlocked a few more trophies in Melee.
It's weird, Melee and Double Dash I consider better than their successors. Get it together nintendo! Put Raiden in your games already!


Sorry, that's just something that bugs me....I'll just let myself out


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