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I'm so behind on work!

2010-11-22 19:53:34 by drspizzah21

While playing a guy at ping pong, we decided to just volley and not keep points so he could work on his serve. I went really easy on him so he could practice it. Then he decided that even though I skunk him on a daily basis, he should start giving me shit about how I need to step my game up and not suck, then maybe he'd consider playing me for real. I NOW HAVE BLOOD ON MY HANDS...I wish.

On another topic: I need to put up the last ackbar segment of the comic and then I can get back to work on drawing what I want....not sure what it is though.
Maybe I'll actually steer away from art for a while and work on my fanfictions more. I miss writing for Ulrich and Yumi or Alyx and Gordon. Mmmmm, good memories.
But my fanfics are only put on LJ, so those of you on DA are out of luck, HAH!

That's about all the news for me, football game on friday, going with the lady ^ ^
so that'll be fun, need to start working through 358/2 days since the game isnt filler and is going to be actually important for the story. Oh Well.....I'm not looking forward to it.
I'm about to just turn away from Uncharted since it's difficulty spikes up and down like cos =x
....that may have been the nerdiest thing I've ever said.
BUT, that's all for now
-runs off to adventurous things-


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